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Values and code of ethics

As a means of consolidating, developing and safeguarding our integrity and trustworthiness as a major domestic and international player in the aquaculture sector, we have established values and code of ethics for PHARMAQ. This encompass the paramount objectives of the company, and are supplemented in the most important areas of our work with specific guidelines or operational standards.

Our ethical regulations shall form the basis of a corporate culture that guarantees that the company acts as a reliable business partner, reflecting our core values.

PHARMAQ wishes to adhere to all national and international legal requirements, and the company also intends to instil confidence by implementing a variety of measures to promote a healthy corporate culture. As one of several such measures the company has provided a facility for making notifications to an external party. Such notifications are the most important means by which discreditable or illegal behaviour or circumstances such as harassment or financial irregularities are brought to light.

All PHARMAQ employees, inclusive of contracted employees and consultants, are entitled to make notifications. External personnel or companies with or without formal affiliation to PHARMAQ are also welcome to make notifications of incidents

The Notification Service is delivered by the law firm BDO AS, Integrity Services. Even if you disclose your identity to the law firm BDO AS, Integrity Services, you can choose to conceal it from PHARMAQ. The Notification Service quest is available in English, Norwegian and Spanish. If you prefer to make a notification by phone directly to BDO AS, Integrity Services, the telephone number is: +47 970 86000.

Values and code of ethics

/share/mime/48/pdf.png English

/share/mime/48/pdf.png Norwegian
(code_of_conduct_no.pdf, 1MB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png Spanish
(code_of_conduct_cl.pdf, 2MB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png Vietnamese
(code_of_conduct_vn.pdf, 4MB)

Notification poster

/share/mime/48/pdf.png English
(notification_poster_eng.pdf, 49kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png Norwegian
(notification_poster_no_2011.pdf, 43kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png Spanish
(notification_poster_spa_2011.pdf, 45kB)


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