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Our R&D achivements



The first injectable fish vaccine ever to be used in 0.025 ml dose volume, ALPHA JECT® IPNV-Flavo 0,025 received a provisional marketing authorisation from the Chilean authorities  


The vaccine ALPHA MARINE® micro 4 for lumpfish available in Norway, The Faroe Islands and Iceland


The autogenous Viral Nervous Necrosis (VNN) vaccine for sea bass available in Greece 


Vaccine against P. damselae, L. anguillarum and A. salmonicida for sea bass available in Spain  


The Autogenous Aeromonas veronii vaccine for sea bass available in Greece


Tricaine Pharmaq granted Marketing Authorisation in eight different markets 


Marketing Authorisation for ALPHA JECT 2000 by Turkish authorities 


Marketing Authorisation for ALPHA JECT® Panga1. The first fish vaccine approved in Vietnam


Extensive tilapia vaccination field trial conducted in Costa Rica 


The seven component ISA vaccine ALPHA JECT micro® 7 ILA received a provisional sales licence in the Faroe Islands 


ALPHA MARINE® Vibrio for farmed cod received a Marketing Authorisation by the Norwegian authorities

 2011 PHARMAQ and Isconova received Eurostars funding for a three years project to develop improved vaccines against viral infections
 2011 The vaccine ALPHA JECT® Panga 1 received an observation license from the Department of Animal Health, under Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) in Vietnam, on October 12th
 2010 The sea lice product AMX®, deltamethrin 10 mg/ml external solution, (former Deltametrina) received a Marketing Autorization (MA) from the Chilean authorities
 2010   The multi-component ISA vaccine ALPHA JECT® 5-1 from PHARMAQ received a provisional marketing authorisation from the Chilean authorities
 2010 PHARMAQ’s first ISA vaccine ALPHA JECT® micro 1 ISA received a provisional marketing authorisation from the Chilean authorities
 2009  Development and approval of the first autogenous Flavobacterium vaccine for Norwegian trout farmers
 2009 Extensive field trial of the first Pangasius vaccine initiated in Vietnam
 2009 PHARMAQ’s pancreas disease vaccine accepted by Norwegian Medicines Authority for special license
 2008 AMX® received a Marketing Autorization (MA) from the UK authorities and the Irish authorities
 2008 MA approved for ALPHA JECT micro® 6 in Norway, the first six-component micro dose vaccine available
 2008 Sales license for ALPHA JECT® micro 2 in Chile, the micro dose vaccine for trout and coho including IPN virus- and SRS components
 2008 Sales license for ALPHA JECT® micro 3 in Chile, the first trivalent SRS micro dose vaccine available
 2008 Launch of the first micro dose vaccine, a trivalent SRS vaccine in Chile
 2008  Positive opinion for ALPHA MARINE® Vibject in the Norwegian market

MA approved for ALPHA JECT® 3000 in Ireland, Norway, Finland and Iceland through an EU mutual recognition procedure

 2007 Deltametrina (known as ALPHA MAX® in Norway) for bath treatment against salmon lice granted a sales permission in Chile
 2007 Launch of its first generation SRS vaccine in Chile
 2007  Launch of the first oil based vaccine for cod, ALPHA MARINE® Vibject in Norway
 2007 Acquisition of MS 222® the only fully licensed anaesthetic agent for fish in the European Union
 2006 ALPHA MAX® for bath treatment against salmon lice granted a Marketing Authorisation (MA) in Norway
 2005 Sales licenses for two new oil based vaccines specifically developed for Chile
 2005 Field trial license for an oil based vibriosis vaccine to the Norwegian cod industry
2004 Isolation and propagation of a new virus in Norwegian farmed salmon (HSMIV - Heart and Skeletal Muscle Inflammation Virus)
2004  Obtained approval in UK for the first virus vaccine for fish - protection against IPNV and furunculosis
2003 Cod culturing becomes sustainable – water-based triple vaccine against vibriosis widely used by the Norwegian industry
2002 A second generation six component vaccine available to the Norwegian market
2002 The first European fish vaccine ever approved by the Canadian authorities
 2001 The first effective vaccine against IPNV introduced in the Chilean market
1998 ALPHA MAX® for bath treatment against salmon lice available in the Norwegian- and the Faroese market
1997 The first six component vaccine ever introduced in Norway. Includes protection against IPNV and winter ulcer.
1996 Vaccination program for sea bass launched in Greece and Turkey
1991 Introduction of the world’s first oil based fish vaccine offering protection against furunculosis
1987 The launch of the first vaccine ever against cold water vibriosis - ”saving” the Norwegian salmon industry


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PHARMAQ is the global leader in vaccines and innovation for aquaculture and part of Zoetis, the world leader in animal health. The company provides environmentally sound, safe and efficacious health products to the global aquaculture industry through targeted research and the commitment of dedicated people. Production facilities, administration and research and development activities are based in Norway with subsidiaries in Chile, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Turkey, Spain, Panama and Hong Kong. PHARMAQ has approximately 300 employees. The company's products are marketed in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. For further information, visit the company's website at www.pharmaq.comPrivacy Policy. Cookie Policy. Terms of Use.

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