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Working for PHARMAQ

Meet some of our employees around the world

Name: Bernt Kristian Melgård
Situated in: PHARMAQ Norway
Position: Aquaculture Veterinarian
Education: Veterinarian

I enjoy carpentry, building houses and cabins, fishing and outdoor activities in the surrounding area where I live. 

What are your main responsibilities in PHARMAQ?
I work with sales and customer activities. This includes contract negotiations, field visits at fish farms and arrangement of meetings and seminars with my customers. In this regard it is most important to make sure that our products are used correctly and I assist customers whenever needed. In addition I have a support function internally, both to my colleagues in sales and clinical research. 

Who are you most dependent on in PHARMAQ to get your work done?
First of all I depend on the good quality of our products and deliveries to our customers. As a sales representative, my job is dependent on the production of predictable and sustainable products and the company’s commitment to developing new products. In the sales-team I am dependent on support from my colleagues and I do my best to contribute in making us all better.

What makes PHARMAQ a great place to work?
PHARMAQ is a dynamic workplace with well recognized owners. I enjoy flexible workdays and I feel that I have made a contribution  to both good sales results and new product introductions in the markets I work.

Describe a normal day at work:
I do a lot of travelling, both by car and by plane to meet my customers. The activities include e.g. vaccination control, sea site visits, field- trials, seminars and product presentations. At home, my workday usually consists of writing customer reports and planning for the next day in field.

Name: Carlos Oyarzún
Situated in: PHARMAQ Chile
Position: Business Controller
Education: Accountant, Auditor and Business admin.

I am a very active person. I like to do activities at home, with my family (two boys and my wife) and friends. I practice fly fishing and trawling in lakes, and I am also a barbecue fan. When I have free time I like to play soccer or bicycle.

What are your main responsibilities in PHARMAQ?
I am responsible of all administrative tasks in the Chilean office, and I have continuous contact with the offices in Norway and UK. I am in close contact with our customers, related to the purchase processes and collection of the sales. I am also responsible for the monthly and annual Financial Reports, and I manage the office results.

Who are you most dependent on in PHARMAQ to get your work done?
In the Puerto Montt office all the teams work very close. I help the Technical Support- and Sales Departments.

What makes PHARMAQ a great place to work?
As the market leader we must maintain dynamism, quality and innovation in all the decisions that we take. I like to be part of this company because it motivates me to work and to do the best I can.

Describe a normal day at work:
I do a lot of activities during a day, but the most important tasks are related to accounting and finance. I have some meetings with our suppliers and customers, and I control the cash flow. The sales invoicing is part of my job, and I do some procedures with the authorities, banks and auditors. I also help the Technical- and Sales Departments and coordinating the sales deliveries.

Name: Le Thi Kim Phuong
Situated in: PHARMAQ Vietnam
Position: Laboratory Coordinator
Education: Aquaculture engineer

I like shopping, reading books, driving a motorcycle by the rice fields and spending time with my family in DaLat city.

What are your main responsibilities in PHARMAQ?
My work at the Diagnostic lab in Thanh Binh includes procedures and maintenance. I diagnose diseases in fish for our customers in the Mekong Delta, and I prepare the budget and report quarterly on deviations for the Diagnostic lab in Thanh Binh.

Who are you most dependent on in PHARMAQ to get your work done?
I depend on the action-plan for studies to be conducted in our product development projects, in both Vietnam and Norway. I work and collaborate closely with the wet lab operator for clinical trials. Most of all, I depend on our customers, with regards to the disease situation, in order to provide good diagnostic work and recommendations. I also update the disease situation in a quarterly news report to all PHARMAQ Vietnam staff.

What makes PHARMAQ a great place to work?
At PHARMAQ I feel we have solidarity, enthusiasm and openness.

Describe a normal day at work:
My normal day starts with preparing media, sampling diseased fish, check antibiograms,  prepare and maintain bacteria strains,  biochemical testing and antibody analysis from vaccinated fish and non-vaccinated fish for reference. Sometimes I receive vaccines from Norway to test, and I prepare bacteria suspension for challenge tests in the wet lab. Some days I update the data report to the Clinical Development manager, and I train our staff. Additionally, in 2011 we licensed the first fish vaccine in the Vietnamese market, and I joined the vaccination team with special responsibility for quality control.

Name: Espen Geving Pedersen
Situated in: PHARMAQ Norway
Position: Manager Formulation & Technical Support
Education: Automation engineer

I have three young children who take up most of my spare time, but I like bicycling during summer and skiing in the winter.

What are your main responsibilities in PHARMAQ?
I am head of the Formulation- and Technical Department, and I have a multi-part role including staff responsibility for eight employees. On the process side, I have responsibility for the formulation and filling of the vaccine. On the technical side, I have responsibility for validation and technical management, operation, maintenance and development at the factory in Overhalla.

Who are you most dependent on in PHARMAQ to get your work done?
Without any doubt, my colleagues. They sit on a wide range of expertise within their respective areas, and without them I would not have accomplished much. The cooperation with the other managers of Production and QA/QC are also important to get a good work flow.

What makes PHARMAQ a great place to work?
The positivism of my colleagues. Everyone contributes and make an extra effort whenever it is needed. The size of the company makes it possible to be heard, and your ideas are taken into consideration. I learn something new all the time, and every day I face new exciting challenges.

Describe a normal day at work:
I’ve barely had a normal day since I started in 2011. Some time is spent on administration and reading/approving reports and production, but I am constantly leading projects with a focus on production improvements. Every day new situations occur that need to be addressed.

Name: Maria Kildal Haugum
Situated in: PHARMAQ Norway
Position: Process engineer
Education: Bio engineer

I spend most of my spare time with my boyfriend and son. Additionally, in 2011 we will expand our family as I am pregnant.

What are your main responsibilities in PHARMAQ?
My main responsibilities are to be in charge of the filtration, and implementing the new filtration unit. I also work with SAP super user production, and I contribute to the daily operations of the fish vaccine production.

Who are you most dependent on in PHARMAQ to get your work done?
I am dependent on all the parts of production towards the downstream processing. Filtration is a process between fermenting and formulating, so I work closely with the whole production unit for fish vaccine. I am also dependent of regulatory, R&D and QA/QC among others.

What makes PHARMAQ a great place to work?
Pharmaq has a great work environment, with varied and interesting work tasks. I also have friendly and skilled colleagues.

Describe a normal day at work:
The day usually starts with a lot of office work, mostly e-mails, revision and preparation of new SOPs, protocols and regulations. Lately I have worked quite a lot with validation and introduction of the new filtration unit. It has taken quite some time to learn how to use, create procedures and qualify the filtration equipment before it goes into use.

Name: Terje Tingbø
Situated in: PHARMAQ Norway
Position: Clinical Scientist
Education: M.sc. Immunology / Fish health biology

I spend a lot of my spare time doing sports such as running, kayaking, fly fishing, trekking and other outdoor activities.

What are your main responsibilities in PHARMAQ?
Planning, implementing and reporting laboratory trials, in addition to field trials. I also work with clinical support to various projects.

Who are you most dependent on in PHARMAQ to get your work done?
I depend on all my colleagues. Project teams consist of people from various functions such as virology, bacteriology, formulations, production, QA/QC, regulatory and sales. Our close co-operation and team-work is essential for success.

What makes PHARMAQ a great place to work?
PHARMAQ is a “state of the art” company within its field. The organization is dynamic, decisions are made quickly, and a high degree of quality is maintained. Competent and enthusiastic colleagues with lots of humour makes the working environment inspiring and fun.

Describe a normal day at work:
My normal day at work includes office-, laboratory- and field activities. Some days I attend project meetings, plan studies, and write protocols or reports at the office. Other days, I follow up field trials at commercial fish farms or perform laboratory studies at various research facilities around the country. I consider the variation of tasks as one of the main benefits of my position in PHARMAQ.

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