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Vaccination support

PHARMAQ has developed various concepts and a variety of different forms, manuals and training programs to support our customers to improve fish health and to secure optimal use of our products.

Vaccination Film




Compilation of all necessary vaccination information in one binder

In order to provide the best possible information and support to our customers we have developed a Vaccination Binder with all relevant information regarding vaccination of salmon with PHARMAQ vaccines. This binder is relevant for the farmer, for the vaccination teams and for the fish health services. This binder contains information about preparations prior to vaccination, procedures during vaccination and control procedures after vaccination. Relevant documents are readily available from the links below.

Receival of Vaccine Control Form

/share/mime/48/pdf.png Norwegian

/share/mime/48/pdf.png Greek

/share/mime/48/pdf.png English

/share/mime/48/pdf.png Spanish

Vaccination Manuals

Ideal Injection Point

Documentation during Vaccination Form

Evaluation Forms for Hatcheries

Evaluation Forms for Sea Farms

Vaccination Training Seminar

The main objective with vaccination training seminars is to increase competence and awareness of the various aspects of injection vaccination in order to help assure the best results are achieved every time with optimal immune response and quality.

Vaccination Training Seminar - read more

Cooperative programs in Fish Health Management

Our technical know-how and scientific experience within Fish Health Management is available to our customers. If you are interested, we can present and discuss how our programs might contribute to improve your operations.

Cooperative programs in Fish Health Management - read more

/share/mime/48/pdf.png ALPHA JECT micro 1 PD product brochure in Norwegian

/share/mime/48/pdf.png ALPHA JECT micro 1 PD broduct brochure in English

/share/mime/48/pdf.png ALPHA DIP Vib product brochure


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