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Continuous update on fish health issues though market presence and customer dialogue makes it possible to initiate early phase research and development for new and innovative products.

Our innovative drive is based on the aquaculture industry’s needs to produce safe and healthy seafood.

By combining our broad competencies, experiences and the commitment of our people with dynamic decision processes and ability to adapt to changes, we will remain in the forefront of new technologies and product launches.

In exploring the possibilities within fish health, it is of vital importance to have a clear understanding of the global trends and the specific nature and dynamics behind the prevalent diseases. Further, it is important to identify the financial impact of diseases to the local farms and the industry as a whole.

All our research and development is conducted in accordance with all relevant local, national and international legislation, regulations and guidelines.

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Samples from diseased fish of a variety of species of different geographical origin are sent directly to our dedicated team of bacteriologists and virologists in R&D for cultivation and characterization. At this stage, the key to success is the joint efforts of our PHARMAQ field force in different regions of the world and cooperation with our external partners including various scientific institutes, fish farmers and fish health personnel.

Cultivation and characterization of virus and bacteria challenge our R&D people. In some cases it even results in identification of previous uncharacterized pathogens.

PHARMAQ actively utilizes IPR actively to secure freedom to operate and to create value and competitive advantages. Several patents and patent applications covering future products and technologies are held by the company.

Research & Development

Identifying the best solutions to our customers' needs for new vaccines and fish health products, requires dedicated and targeted R&D efforts. Effective vaccine solutions to different bacterial and viral diseases depend upon extensive research and development and a broad range of competencies and highly equipped technical facilities.

The causative pathogen for a disease is usually already known before we start development of new vaccine component. Challenges lies in the ability to identify and characterize the best protective antigens, how to produce them and to optimize the way in which the antigens are presented to the fish in order to obtain protection against disease.

The rate of success of introducing new products and development of efficient processes is founded on the firm commitment to re-invest in R&D and related competencies in the PHARMAQ value chain.

Documentation and registration

Documentation requirements for new products are strictly regulated. Through all steps of research, development and product testing the interaction with the PHARMAQ regulatory department is essential in establishing high quality product documentation for different regulatory bodies around the world.

Our vaccines and therapeutics hold veterinary medicinal product licenses in each country in which they are sold. These licenses certify to the quality, safety, efficacy and environmental effects of each product in the local environment.


All PHARMAQ's vaccines are manufactured at our well recognized facility at Overhalla in Norway. Specific diseases in different farmed fish species and regions need separate vaccine and therapeutic solutions. Careful production planning and logistics combined with flexibility, new ideas and core competencies in vaccine manufacturing make this possible.

Quality is documented in every step from preparation of seed material to final product and throughout the product life cycle. Our quality system ensures that the defined product is manufactured and tested the same way every time, securing that the final product meets the requirements regarding quality, safety and efficacy. The final products are released by a Qualified Person (QP), approved by the authorities. As a pharmaceutical company we are frequently inspected by different national regulatory authorities in order to prove our standards.

Customer Service

By providing environmentally sound, safe and efficacious health products and services to our global aquaculture customers, we will continue to meet our main objective namely to be selected by our customers as their preferred supplier and partner. We put pride in being flexible and create customer satisfaction through high quality service and products.

We can only be successful in this effort if our customers produce predictable yields and healthy profits.

PHARMAQs Pharmacovigilance system is an integral part of post marketing activities in the field of veterinary medicinal products.

Did you know...

We allocate around 18% of our revenue to research and development to provide environmentally sound, safe and efficacious products for the aquaculture industry.