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As a pharmaceutical company, PHARMAQ is subject to very stringent demands, regulated in the principles and guidance of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). PHARMAQ’s manufacturing facility in Overhalla, Norway is, on a regular basis, -approved according to GMP by the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NoMA).

Our subsidiary PHARMAQ Ltd. in UK has a registered pharmacy on our premises.


Awards and Honours

Best company Europe 2015 - Animal Pharm Award

PHARMAQ is voted the best animal health company in Europe in 2015 by Animal Pharm

Best company Europe 2015 - Animal Pharm Award - read more


GLOBALG.A.P. Membership Charter 2013

GLOBALG.A.P. - read more

Credit Score Diploma

Credit Score Diploma 24-01-2013 by Experian Credit Services

Credit Score Diploma - read more

Credit Rating Diploma

The Credit Rating is a conclusion on a comapany`s creditworthiness and is based on all accessible information on the company and key staff, given by Experian 26 August 2010.

Credit Rating Diploma - read more

Internationalisation price

PHARMAQ won the prestigious Internationalisation price 2009 announced during an arrangement in Oslo Concert Hall on the evening of 18 November. The price was given by Innovation Norway.

Internationalisation price - read more

Great Place to Work

PHARMAQ received an award from Great Place to Work Institute in March 2009. We can be very proud that we are among the top ten “Great Place to Work” companies in Norway.

Great Place to Work - read more

Did you know...

Around 18% of our revenue is allocated to research and development.


Head office
Production facility
Skogmo Industriområde
Industrivegen 50
7863 Overhalla, Norway
Tel:+47 74 28 08 00
Fax:+47 74 28 08 01

Oslo office
Harbitzalléen 2A, 0275 Oslo,
P.O.Box 267 Skøyen, N-0213 Oslo, Norway
Tel: +47 23 29 85 00
Fax: :+47 23 29 85 01


PHARMAQ AS Chile Ltda.
Bernardino # 1981, Piso 2, Oficina 202,
Parque Empresarial San Andrés,
Puerto Montt, Chile
Tel: +56 65 248 3091


United Kingdom

Unit 15 Sandleheath Industrial Estate,
Hampshire SP6 1PA,
United Kingdom