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PHARMAQ statistics for Norway August 2017


Down from record high July - vaccine sales to salmon in August equal to August 2016


 Vaccine sales to salmon in August ended at 44.8 million doses compared to 44.7 million doses in August 2016. The total vaccine sales to the S0s 2017 passed 165 million doses in August. At the same time last year sales to S0s-2016 were 151 million doses (and compared to S0s-2015, 158 million doses). The S0 vaccination continues into September, but mostly as vaccination of the S1s 2018. The twelve months' rolling sales of vaccines to salmon is now 351 million doses.


 In August sales of a 7-component-ISA vaccine were 2.0 million doses and 19.2 million doses of PD-vaccines whereof 5.0 million of a 7-component vaccine and 14.2 million doses of 1-component PD vaccines. In August 2016 total sales of PD-vaccines were 14.2 million doses.


August sales of vaccines to trout were 2.3 million doses compared to 1.9 million doses in August 2016. Twelve months' rolling vaccine sales to trout increased to 19.9 million doses this month.




PHARMAQstatistics Norway

/share/mime/48/pdf.png August 2017
(vaccines_norway_2017-08_no.pdf, 183kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png July 2017
(vaccines_norway_2017-07_no.pdf, 195kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png June 2017
(vaccines_norway_2017-06_no.pdf, 193kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png May 2017
(vaccines_norway_2017-05_no.pdf, 181kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png April 2017
(vaccines_norway_2017-04_no.pdf, 162kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png March 2017
(vaccines_norway_2017-03_no.pdf, 213kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png February 2017
(vaccines_norway_2017-02_no.pdf, 224kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png January 2017
(vaccines_norway_2017-01_no.pdf, 163kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png December 2016
(vaccines_norway_2016-12_no.pdf, 177kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png November 2016
(vaccines_norway_2016-11_no.pdf, 167kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png October 2016
(vaccines_norway_2016-10_no.pdf, 185kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png September 2016
(vaccines_norway_2016-09_no.pdf, 187kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png August 2016
(vaccines_norway_2016-08_no.pdf, 177kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png July 2016
(vaccines_norway_2016-07_no.pdf, 183kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png June 2016
(vaccines_norway_2016-06_no.pdf, 183kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png May 2016
(vaccines_norway_2016-05_no.pdf, 178kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png April 2016
(vaccines_norway_2016-04_no.pdf, 227kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png March 2016
(vaccines_norway_2016-03_no.pdf, 169kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png February 2016
(vaccines_norway_2016-02_no.pdf, 156kB)

/share/mime/48/pdf.png January 2016
(vaccines_norway_2016-01_no.pdf, 182kB)

Each month PHARMAQ publish the PHARMAQstatistics presenting figures for fish vaccines in Norway. Norwegian edition and statistics from 2007 up till date are available on request.  


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